Galen Tse’s Artist statement

The Vagaries of “Classical Chinese Literature”

The words and illustration which appeared in the classical Chinese literature are full of imagination and poetic. The fusion of nature and humanities, always make me imagine a tranquil scene.

“Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual” is a traditional Chinese paintings manual during Qing Dynasty. It was commissioned by Shen Xinyou, the “Mustard Seed Garden”, is the name of his father-in-law Li Yu’s villa.

The book collected many paintings as a sample, every section has word description. It’s a model for the people who learn and paint Chinese paintings. Master Qi Baishi, Lin Fengmian etc., used this manual to imitate the painting technique in teenage.

There are three sections of “Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual”: First section: “Mountain and sea”, second section: “Plum, orchid, bamboo, & chrysanthemum” and third section: “Flower & plume”. It’s well-known to every family and household.

I try to integrate photograph, Chinese ink and Western painting medium, express my vagaries of classical Chinese literature. All mediums will become one, like all things in nature. And create my contemporary “Recept”.