CityTransit Arts specializes in contemporary art and design in Asia and Europe. Based in Hong Kong and is active internationally through our collaborators. It is an art consulting and education entity serving both the business and the arts sectors. CityTransit Arts is:

  • Your trusted service provider for contemporary art acquisition, collection, curatorial support and corporate art programs
  • An education platform to nurture contemporary art appreciation and collecting

[ ART ADVISING - Individuals & Corporations]

  • Due Diligence, Art Market Monitoring, Valuation & Liaising Private Sales
  • Sourcing and Advising on Art Acquisition for Interiors, Collections & Investment Portfolios 
  • Art Programs for Corporate Marketing, Sponsoring & CSR Initiatives

 Are you seeking those special art pieces for your private or corporate collections or for your art portfolios? Are you looking to enhance corporate branding and communications through art? CT Arts provides you with bespoke and original concepts and programs through tapping into our decades-long expertise in contemporary art, our international network of galleries,  art specialists, and our pool of outstanding creative talents worldwide.


  • Art Tours and Seminars to Enhance Appreciation in Contemporary Art & Collecting
  • Curatorial Services: Artistic Direction, Concepts, Programs & Publications

… Apart from nurturing contemporary art appreciation and collecting through our education initiatives, we also provide artistic, curatorial and programming services for both the art and business sectors.