October Art Tour in WCH

CT Arts’ Discover Art Tours are private receptions designed to enhance the appreciation of contemporary art and to provide guidance in collecting. Join us to chill and have an arty evening after work!


  1. <Leang Seckon: When Head and Body Unite>

An exhibition of new works by acclaimed Cambodian artist Leang Seckon. Composed of a variety of media–textiles, photographs, posters, found objects, Seckon’s artworks reveal intimate narratives of his memories growing up during a devastating and turbulent period in Cambodia’s history, and its subsequent attempts to heal. They seamlessly blend imagery and references from history, local folklore and religious iconography, while also drawing from recent events and popular culture.

2. <3 Generation of Japanese Anime Artists >

The exhibition of 3 generations of Japanese Anime Artists is exploring the development of this postmodern “Japanese Pop Art” movement through the works of 3 artists: Yuichi Sugai’s mixed-media paintings are directly inspired by growing up in 50s and 60s Japan under the omnipresence of American culture, Yoshitaka Amano – celebrated for his iconic character designs and illustrations influencing generations through the 70s, 80s and 90s – exhibits striking works on aluminum, and Takeru Amano is bringing his own Anime style into the 21st century.

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